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An OGMF's collection of fave GM stuff, culled from years of recordings. If you've never been to a GM show, this should give you a pretty good idea what it was like. All of these recordings were made straight off the soundboard at the Cabooze, probably always on Sunday nights, between spring 1996 and spring 1999. No overdubs, no "fixing" -- this is how it went down.



Pre-Greazy Roots:

  • The Big Beat (9mb)
  • This one needs a little explanation: SpicyT, Jimmy and KennyC were in a band called Beat the Clock. One of their songs was called "The Big Beat", and featured Ken on drums while SpicyT traded raps with Chris Beaty, the guitar player. There was a definite structure to the song, although much of it, in true SpicyT style, is improvised. On this particular night in Iowa City, StrawB came along just for fun. He's the one running the loops and samples. This recording was made in May of 1993. GMF's may recognize part of SpicyT's rap about 1 minute in.

    technical note: The club was very small. Sound in the left channel is straight from the board; sound on the right is from a microphone hanging right over the stage. -- jr

  • Vitamin U (4.29mb)

    This is another Beat the Clock recording, made at Club Metro in Iowa City, December 1994. Probably one of the first performances of this SpicyT tune. Ken is on drums again, and JRob (that's me) is providing the falsetto vocal doubling SpicyT's line. Notice that this version of the song makes no reference to THC, and it has a bridge!

    same technical note as before: the club was bigger, but not THAT much bigger. Left channel is straight from the board; right channel is from a microphone located on the stage.